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Matt Konfirst: Buy

Explore the edge of madness with this debut album by Berklee alumnus Matt Konfirst. A concept album designed to examine the facets of insanity; it runs the gamut from light-hearted abandon to the shadowy world of the misanthrope. The opening track describes a dream set on a chilly autumn afternoon where our protagonist happens upon an old abandoned house in the forest. As he approaches the aging structure, he sees his reflection in a window. The reflection stares back briefly, but then sadly, shaking its head, it turns and walks away and his vision fades leaving him with an empty view of the interior of the house. What could it mean? This vision must mean something. Was it a trick of the eye, some cruel prank? Leaving this scene, he is filled with dread as he ponders the meaning of it all. His demeanor rapidly changes from a carefree young man to a brooding misanthrope. Who can he trust with this dark secret? Who would believe the vision he had? Who would even care? Black shapes flit in and out of the edge of his vision. They haunt him day and night. Where is the reality he once knew? The overwhelming melancholy pushes him into the madness. He can’t escape. The world swirls around him as struggles with this new perspective on reality. He knows he used to be somebody else, but who? Suddenly he thinks he knows, thinks he’s rediscovered that former Eden. In a moment of insight, an epiphany, everything seems to come into focus. The nightmare has apparently faded and he feels free from the chains that have held him down. He celebrates this freedom with wild abandon. It feels so good to be alive. Why had the madness taken him before? It seems so foolish now. That vision and the insight it provided. He must find out what it means. This will be his task in life, to decipher its meaning. It is his obsession, his one goal in life. He pursues it single-mindedly as the world spins out its endless cycles around him. He knows! The black void consumes him! It sucks him down into an endless spiral. He’s screaming the voiceless scream that tears us from our nightmares. He screams until his throat is raw and he can taste the blood. And then he stops. The vertigo leaves him, and from his vantage point he can see the details. It’s so clear now. He’s gained the one thing he never had: the perspective to see it all clearly. The vision was there to show him the way. It was the lack of knowledge and insight that tore the hole in his soul. He knows now what he must do.