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Matt Konfirst: Bio/ Discography

Matt Konfirst

Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, I was strongly influenced by the metal scene in the early 90’s. Some of my most influential listening experiences came from this time period. (Required listening: Megadeth- Rust in Peace, Metallica- …And Justice for All & Master of Puppets, Slayer- Seasons in the Abyss, Anthrax- State of Euphoria, Death- Symbolic, and Pantera- Cowboys From Hell) It was during this time period that I formed a band with some friends from high school called Acriminous. We were wicked heavy but my interest was pulled towards the intricate parts and song structures of bands like Death and in the Metallica and Megadeth albums mentioned above. It wasn’t a big leap into shred and progressive music.
Instrumental guitar CDs became my passion (More required listening: Steve Vai- Passion and Warfare & Alive in an Ultra World, Joe Satriani- The Extremist, Steve Morse- Coast to Coast, Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Jason Becker- Perpetual Burn, Joe Stump- Night of the Living Shred, Jon Finn- Wicked.) Top that off with bands such as Dream Theater, Symphony X and Angra, and you’ll have a good idea of where my music is coming from. From 1998-2001 I attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, where I was able to develop my playing, writing and recording skills. I was introduced to classical music, and I became interested in its melodies and harmonic depth. (For cool classical music listen to Bach’s violin partitas and Shostokovich's String Quartet #8 in c minor.) My current musical projects include solo work as well as involvement with the Earthcubed and Ecclectica projects from Andrew Bordoni.

War of Righteousness

My latest solo effort with nine new songs, featuring the powerful title track "War of Righteousness". Huge guitars, fat bass and big production combine with melodic sensibilty to create a listening experience that pulls you in to another world.

Andrew W. Bordoni- Eclectica - 2005

Powerful vocals by vocalist Robin Wiper and big guitar sounds make this album a must have for fans of epic metal. Check out my guest solo on "The Gift".

Matt Konfirst-An Effigy of Solitude - 2004

Debut solo release showcasing a broad range of influences from the heaviness of Death to the intricacies of Bach

Earthcubed- The Dark and the Divine - 2003

Progessive rock with an epic vision from the mind of Andrew Bordoni featuring the vocal talents of Kristen Lamb with guest appearances by Matt Konfirst.